Larry trained me 2x - 3x a week from Oct '13 - May '14. His knowledge of the human body and lifting techniques is immense. Always being mindful of my "mature" state and my own joint/muscle issues, he customized a program for me that really helped me achieve my goals, which has spring-boarded me into a whole new realm of fitness and physique development.

His one on one coaching style, in a private gym, kept the focus on me. Definitely worth every penny! Thank you Larry! I would still be training with you, if I hadn't moved away!

— James F

I spent most of life thinking bigger was better. I did not realize what I was doing myself. I spent many years trying to lose weight. Two years ago last July, I weighed 333 pounds. I could not believe I let myself get to that point. For two years, I focused on cardio and weights. I got myself back to the 270’s. Just like the last time I tried, I could not get past this range. I met a guy who told me about Larry and the great results he had. I decided to meet Larry for a session. That session proved Larry could help me figure out what to change. I am proud to say that I am officially 90 pounds down and I am excited to see what more I can do. My friends and family have seen my transformation and how my attitude changed for the better.

– Jimmy V

I guess I should admit up front: I wasn’t over 40 when I started with Larry. I was 35. But, like a lot of older people, I was fighting an uphill battle to stay fit. Five years prior to meeting Larry I broke my left elbow. Two surgeries, countless hours of physical therapy…and I could still barely lift a phone book with my left arm. I was an active person prior to that accident; I knew the benefits of exercise and I sorely missed being fit. I tried everything I could think of to get better, from fitness books to dieting to running until my knees hurt to trying personal training at a local gym. But for all my effort, the only thing I achieved was gaining 20 pounds and losing even more muscle mass. I had all but given up hope.

As a last resort, my partner suggested Larry. I figured I had nothing to lose, and after convincing Larry that I was probably in worse shape than a lot of 40-year-olds, he took me on. I won’t lie: that first 6 months was not fun. I could barely lift any weight, and to say it was frustrating would be an understatement. But Larry was infinitely patient, always encouraging, and most importantly, he worked to find ways around my disability. 

And 6 months in, something interesting happened: I started to lift more, and started to have less pain. Never had I been so grateful for an experienced trainer. Five years later, I’m still working out with him. I still struggle with the elbow, but Larry has always found ways around it (which I know has meant a lot of research on his part). But I can say this: I’m 40 years old, I’m in the best shape of my life, and I know I’m in much better shape than my peers.

What have I learned from my experience? First and foremost, you won’t find a more experienced trainer than Larry. There are plenty of young trainers at gyms around town…but for them training is a stepping stone, and realistically they’ve never struggled with a bad joint (or joints). None will have the breadth of Larry’s knowledge, from the repertoire of exercises he knows, to his understanding of physiology, to his grasp of how diet and the rest of your life impact your fitness goals. Second, I've learned that no matter what shape you’re in, you can always do better. It’s going to take time, it’s going to take effort, and you’re going to have good days and bad days (sometimes months), but if you have a guy like Larry in your corner, you will make progress! 

– Donald 

Although I am not over 40, I am definitely fit and that is in large part thanks to Larry Johnson — I cannot recommend his personal training services strongly enough. 

I came to Larry in February of 2013, standing 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing about 160 pounds. I was in relatively good shape, but I wanted to be bigger. I wanted a body that stood strong with the muscles of a well-developed man. I had been training with P90X for a couple of years years, and Larry was able to immediately point out that the type of exercises I was doing would serve only to enhance my muscles, not to make them grow like I wanted them to. I sensed very early on that Larry knew what he was talking about.

He has this reservoir of knowledge about fitness, a sort of comprehensive understanding of how our bodies work and what we can do to control and manipulate them to make the changes we desire. Changing our bodies is not magic…it’s a science, a science that Larry understands. 

Working with Larry has been one of the most uniquely rewarding experiences of my life. He not only taught me my way around the gym, but he enlightened me on the value of having an intimate and personal relationship with my body and my fitness. Larry conditioned my body, but he also conditioned my mind to the power of positive thought and the harmful effects that self-criticism has on my motivation and spirit. Larry taught me the fundamentals of weightlifting and the physiology of muscle growth, but I also learned the value of patience, persistence and acceptance with him. Working with Larry, I gained 20 solid pounds of muscle in one year and grew leaps and bounds as an individual.

Larry is a consummate professional — respectful, dependable, educated, wise, honest, supportive, full of integrity, and just simply a pleasure to be around.  He has not only been my trainer, but he has become somebody that I deeply respect and admire. I was a poor college student when I met Larry, but somehow I knew that the money I was spending was irrelevant, I knew that what I was getting with him was special and priceless. I recommend Larry without reservation to anybody who is serious about improving their health, fitness and overall wellness.  Thank you Larry for all you’ve taught me and the impact you’ve had on my life! 

– Gurjot B.

Larry has guided my fitness efforts for three years, with very satisfying results.  Though I had exercised regularly for years, mostly swimming and using elliptical machines, the little weight training that I had done consisted of random walks through the gym trying out various machines.  Larry has taken the mystery and intimidation out of weight training.  Now in my late 50's, I wish this had happened years ago.  With Larry's guidance (and pushing at times), I've got muscles I never had, improved posture and better health.  Larry has taught me a lot while offering reinforcement, encouragement and a point of accountability every week.  And it's been fun!  So, I remain very motivated.  I have the best fitness trainer in town.

– Dave

I've heard him called Master Larry, Lord of Pain but I refer to him as Larry the Great!

I've never worked with a trainer so skilled and thorough. Training with Larry starts with a mind set, launches from a lifestyle and modifies by escalating goals. He keeps me on track physically as well as mentally so my goals are clear and obtainable. There isn't another trainer like him so I recommend him to anyone serious about a healthy lifestyle or building a body they can be proud of.

If you're going to work this hard, work smart and hire brilliant!

– Keith L, Oakley

I have been training with Larry for over 5 years and am WAY over 40....try 73. Was in a Publix store in Florida where they had a very large scale you walked onto and your weight appeared...lighted up. Over the years, I had gained over 30 lbs. Next to the scale was a full length mirror. Not a pretty picture.

A friend had recommended Larry as a personal trainer. I did not want to work out in a public gym with 20 somethings. Called Larry. We had a very professional meeting over my goals and what realistic expectations were. He discussed diets, what a normal work out would be and a work out schedule that fit in perfectly with my schedule.

Long story made short (yea, I know too late) I lost 30 lbs and more importantly have kept it off. Larry is an inspiration and works along side of you the whole time. His approach and input work, really work.
My only regret is that I still don't look like Larry. Must be genetic!

— Tim B

I first contacted Larry Johnson because I needed help regaining some strength after a brief but serious illness. I had been advised that strength training would be most beneficial.

Larry provided me with the perfect work out that helped me regain my strength and stamina. He also monitored my eating and suggested foods and ways of eating to increase my strength. I enjoyed the work outs so much that I have continued to train with Larry.

In addition to the health benefits, my body has changed for the better. I now have definition in my arms and chest. My legs are strong and I feel great.

Larry's patience and concern and humor have really made a big difference in how I'm facing the onset of aging. I'll be forever grateful to Larry for his talent and persistence in helping me meet my goals.
Thanks, Larry.

– John, definitely over 40 and definitely fit (now!)